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Institute for Special Systemic Therapy

The Institute of Special Systemic Therapy is considered as a competent provider of therapies to promote and restore the health of patients. Our main focus is dedicated to the rehabilitation of language, speech, movement, brain function, nerve function, pain, hearing impairments, dizziness, sleeping and snoring and sleep apnea.

Staff at the ISST are proud of more than thirty years of successful work with patients of all ages from over ninety countries around the world. Neurophysiological treatment methods and patented technical aids, that are developed and applied from ISST, have received international attention. The successful work at ISST has been proven by numerous media reports and is well documented by an impressive list of scientific publications.


was founded in 1984 by Dr.Klaus and Sabine Berndsen. This was created under the influence of many years of therapeutic experience, consistent research and cooperation with universities, hospitals and international specialists. Together Dr Klaus and Sabine have created and developed new diagnostic and therapeutic methods as well as technical aids for ill and handicapped people. Their methods and devices have become known internationally and have been publicised by the media worldwide. As authors Berndsen/Berndsen have published numerous scientific papers. They have also been granted patents for their specialised medical devices and aids.

The innovative ISST team works on a high level of engagement and continuity, based on current scientific research, to allow the best possible results. ISST is organised in a tranquil, very personal and family based environment. Thus the important, trusting relationships between patient and therapists are always guaranteed. Patients come to ISST from all over the world and the ISST team have English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic language skills. Interpreters and nursing staff are also available on request.

We are looking forward an intense close cooperation with our patients!

Sabine Berndsen
Managing Director
Dr. Klaus Berndsen
Scientific Direktor